Mother Moon  Monastery and Herb Farm



Hail and Welcome to Mother Moon Monastery and Herb Farm in San Clemente California!   

Our dream is to manifest a Space of Love in 3D planet earth where all of our greatest joys and highest dreams are being brought into the realm of Malkuth!  We are “experimenting with our lives” to actually prove that God loves us all and that the Universe is conspiring for us at every turn (PRONOIA). 

We call our home a Monastery having been inspired by Pope John Paul ll in his quote “every home a monastery”.  To us that means “set apart” or “to come out of”.  And just what are we coming out of pray ask?  It is what we call the Matrix or the Mass Illusion of lack and fear.  We know what we don’t want and therefore we know more clearly and focused, what we do want!  Abraham-Hicks. 

We say we are A Space of Love after having read the Anastasia of the Ringing Cedars of Russia books.  This concept is about creating what we desire right where we sit!  Beginning the new seed possibilities of Aquarian living: no more falsehood or delusion!  Harmony and Understanding abounding! 

We are trying on a lifestyle of Urban Homesteading, Intentional Community, Clean Living and BEing in the concept of creating our own reality around the Law of Attraction and A Course in Miracles (the miracle of forgiveness).  We are NONdemoninational in the sense that we do not exclude any person of faith!  We are currently calling ourselves Kristo-Pagan and we have no compunctions at all about incorporating into our devotional life any faith filled practice from any path that works to bring us to the place of Heart Center.  Living in the Heart is of the utmost importance.

You can find us on YouTube: Mother Moon Monastery and Herb Farm where we are V-Logging our journey!  Enjoy!  There are over 1000 videos to date!

If you feel so led we gratefully receive donations for extending our mission and purpose through our YouTube Outreach.  

Love and Bless Bless, Dan and Jacquie